Real Estate Solutions At Every Step

Obtaining, protecting and ensuring you get the most from your real estate can be difficult to navigate. Making the right decisions is important, and with so many hurdles to jump through, it may be outside your expertise.

Indeed, there are many questions that arise as a real estate owner: do you need to negotiate a contract to obtain it? Do you need to apply for zoning or get a proper ordinance to utilize it in a certain way? Do you need to negotiate a boundary dispute or address trespassing or other nuisances? In any of these situations, you need a lawyer who is knowledgeable and aggressive as they advocate for you and your real estate as you own, buy and even build on it.

N. Cochran Attorneys at Law, P.C., has the tools and the experience to help you in your real estate matters. Our primary attorney, Nate Cochran, is ready to represent you. We handle both transaction and litigation services when it comes to your real estate needs such as:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Zoning
  • Development
  • Boundary disputes
  • Trespass and nuisance issues
  • Land use
  • Easement and other property issues

Whether your real estate is residential or commercial property, we can help you use it in the way you want. We will do thorough research and explore all options to ensure we find a solution that best fits your needs. Each case is unique, and we will do our best to achieve the best outcome. It may involve filing for rezoning or corrective deed, or it may involve settlement or litigation. If litigation is the best solution, we are not afraid to fight for you in order to use your property in the way you see fit.

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We provide legal assistance in your real estate matters, whether they are transactional or require litigation. Contact N. Cochran Attorneys at Law, P.C., today at 770-383-1447 for a free initial consultation. You can also get in touch through email.

Our firm is located in Canton, Georgia, and we represent clients throughout Cherokee County and the surrounding areas.